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Three Week Mother Daughter Challenge

Winning team receives fitness & lifestyle coaching and $100 CASH


March is Women’s History Month. This challenge honors the strong women of our past and empowers us to make positive changes today.


Why sign up for this FREE Challenge?

·        It’s Free

·        It’s a fun way to bond with your mom/daughter and achieve something together as a team

·        Weight loss and improved lifestyle habits happen when you work together and hold each other accountable


What do you get?

·        A stronger relationship

·        Weight loss and healthier lifestyle habits

·        An experience with your mother/daughter  

·        THE WINNING TEAM RECEIVES 3 hours of fitness & lifestyle coaching over the phone with me and $100 cash!



How does the Challenge work?

·        The challenge is based on my Power of Smalls philosophy – how small changes we make in our lives add up to big results! We form new healthier habits when we consistently practice small daily changes for three weeks. So, by the end of March, you and your daughter/mother will be three healthier-habits stronger!  One will be movement/exercise related. One will be food/beverage related, and one will be attitude related.

·        Sign up here!

·        Once you sign up you will receive an email from me by Friday, March 8th detailing the rules and specifics of the challenge.


Sign up and see what it’s about.  If it’s not for you, don’t do it, I understand.



When is the winning team announced?

·        The winning team will be announced on my website Monday, April 1st


Frequently asked questions:


We are not fit! We have (insert ailment)! We (insert excuse)!

This challenge is fun! It’s for everyone and every ability level. Everyone has something to gain no matter what your current level of fitness. The beauty of this challenge is that YOU choose your movement/exercise activity. YOU choose what eating habit you modify. YOU choose what your team achieves on March 29th.  When you work together and hold each other accountable, YOU achieve more.


What if I have more than one daughter?

The more the merrier! Work out your own details and how you will split the winnings J


Can I ask a female friend or mentor to do this with me if I don’t have a daughter/mother?



What if my mom/daughter doesn’t live in the same area as me?

You will still be able to complete the challenge. You will simply need to communicate more via phone/internet.


What is the minimum age?

          11 years


We don’t live in Chattanooga.

That’s ok. No problem here. If you win you just need to live somewhere that I can call you without an International toll.


My question is not listed.

At the end of the day I simply want to strengthen relationships and inspire people to achieve more. Perhaps that answers your question. If not, please email me at motivate@fitbykelly.com J

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