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Business Coaching

"I have been involved in fitness programs for over 10 years, and Kelly is the most motivating person I have ever met. She designs programs for business and works with individuals to meet their personal fitness and wellness goals."  Nancy Mitchell, TVA


The shape of your business improves both literally and figuratively when I connect with executives and staff to inspire positive, contagious, behavioral and lifestyle changes in your workplace. Our partnership starts with fitness yet what we accomplish is much more.


Typical outcome after 6 months:


·         Stress management improves 60%

·         Attitudes improve 40%

·         Work productivity is up 33%

·         Eating habits improve 80%

·         75% more active in daily lives

·         40% have reduced or eliminated lifestyle-related medications for blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol


Please call or email to set up a free no-obligation consultation to discuss a potential partnership.



"As a business owner we have been so happy with the results of Kelly's program. Not only has it enhanced the overall health of our employees who are participating but almost as important it has enhanced office morale. The employees have gotten to know each other better and therefore pull for one another. That is wonderful to see. "
Mark Brock
Brock Insurance Agency