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Small Group Coaching

“Kelly rocks! I've lost 4 dress sizes since starting with her and 42 pounds. She's tough at times but never makes us do more than we possibly can (maybe more than we'd like, but it's all good). I cannot recommend her enough. Whether you are just starting out, underweight/overweight, in great shape, she'll just take you to the next level.“
Cameille Vlietstra
It’s not one-on-one coaching and it’s not a large-group boot camp.

Small group fitness coaching classes are small enough so you get maximum personalized attention. You learn proper form and technique, are pushed to reach your individual goals, and receive support outside of class. And since you’re working out with a handful of your buddies, co-workers, heck, even strangers, you find that you form a bond. This increases your accountability and creates additional ‘positive pressure’ to reach your goals.
Really, I could go on and on about the benefits but will limit myself to one more – it’s less expensive than personal coaching.