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Distance Coaching

"Before training with Kelly I never could run for more than five minutes. I've never been a long distance runner and never thought I could run long distances until Kelly started coaching me.
I live in Michigan and started distance-training with her two years ago and now I can run continuously for 45 minutes !!!

I've run 5K races and in my last race placed third for my age group among thousands in the Big House/Big Heart 5K race on the University of Michigan campus.

My ability to run like this at age 67 after training with Kellly is truly an amazing success story that never would have happened without her helping me set realistic goals, her focusing on my progress and helping me learn from the struggles along the way. She is a fantastic coach and great inspiration!!!! "
John Mosteller
Do you need help with your fitness and lifestyle goals but don't live in the area?  
We partner together over the phone and online to develop your goals and keep you motivated and accountable so you accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

Most transformations and lifestyle changes happen outside of the gym.