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Coaching Services

"Kelly is the most motivating person I have ever met. She designs programs for business..."
                             Individual Coaching 
 "When I think of Kelly
the first word that comes to mind is..."

  "I loved your presentation because it just made everything come in to focus for me. I now..."


The right Life Coach teaches you

HOW to self-motivate,

HOW to live a calmer and happier life,

HOW to achieve success,

and HOW to sustain your improved lifestyle.

It’s a temporary partnership 

that yields lifetime results.

CONSULTATION IS ALWAYS FREE. Call now for yours 423.240.9748 or email

We work together to determine 
the right plan for you based on 
your needs.

  • Studio in Chattanooga, TN
  • Your business
  • Your home
  • Your conference or event
  • Distance coaching via phone/email 


"Kelly rocks! I've lost..."
        "My ability to run like this at age 67..."