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Motivational Talks

Talks are motivating, fun, educational, and produce positive results in your life!  All talks center on my basic philosophy:The Power of Smalls - how seemingly small and insignificant changes add up to really big and lasting results!
The Power of Smalls series:

Lose the Weight, not your Mind!
This talk helps you to put the (what can be) daunting weight loss task into perspective by showing you how to do it without making yourself crazy in the process. Learn how a few small and simple modifications  - that you choose - add up to big weight loss results! 

Calm Down!
This eye-opening talk is worth your time. It’s packed with powerful and proven tools for you to implement immediately to make a positive and lasting impact on the quality of your life. We look at stress from a fresh and powerful perspective - a perspective that may change the way you think about it forever. You leave with a practical and proven plan to Calm Down! 

Lose Weight while you're at Work!
Learn how much weight you can lose while you're at the office! This is a great talk for busy people who have limited after-work time yet desire to be healthier. You will be amazed when you see how your waist line can decrease with a few small modifications. 

Drop Words to Drop Pounds!

Words DO matter. In fact they matter so much that when we upgrade even a few simple words in our vocabulary, our weight decreases. Learn about the words you may be using that are keeping on the pounds and what you are empowered to do about it. 


Other customized topics available. Please contact me about the specific needs of your business or group by simply filling out the form below.

“I was geared up from your presentation and determined to get healthier and then a couple days later my blood pressure was very high so I went to the doctor and several of my labs were abnormal (I am someone who is not taking any medications at all at this point and I am 56 years old.) I knew I had to get serious about weight loss and eating healthier. I loved your presentation; it just made everything come in to focus for me. I now walk with friends in the afternoon and have cut back on portions. I have lost 7lbs since I saw you here at HealthSouth. I appreciate you very much Kelly.”  
Sara Walker, HealthSouth

The talk Sara heard is The Power of Smalls - Lose the Weight not your Mind!


Power of Smalls