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Kelly Summersett
Life Coach focusing on FIT

Focused Individualized Transformations

I transform lives! How can I help transform yours? 

There is never just one way to do this since everyone is unique. That’s why we chat first to see 1) If I can help and 2) If we’re a good fit.

People who partner with me typically admit (later) that they were scared to make the initial call or (gasp!) the investment in themselves yet in the end they were all very happy they did. Why? Because they got un-stuck. And getting un-stuck, when you’re not sure how to do it yourself, is an extremely freeing, rewarding, and priceless experience!  Transformational. My clients learn how to live happy, healthy, balanced, and calmer lives.

My background is Fitness Coaching so, yep, I’m gonna go there. Why? Because when you’re fit you’re alive! We were made to move and when we have this part of the equation in place we feel better, look better, exude confidence, have more energy, focus, are calmer, make better food choices, and accomplish more (and I probably left some out!) That leads to genuine personal happiness (how do you define genuine happiness?) and stronger and healthier relationships with your partner, children, and peers. It also leads to a better quality life - a life that you own, represent, and thrive in! 

Now if you’re already fit (which, by the way, has many acceptable definitions!) and have that part of the equation down, we probably won’t go there, unless you want to. We’ll focus on whatever else is going on in your life that is keeping you stuck, frustrated, unempowered, etc.

Please call and let's chat. You have absolutely nothing to lose! As I see it, the outcome will turn out one of two ways:

-You call, I help you with your challenge, and you decide to continue working together.

-You call, I help you with your challenge, and you decide not to continue working together.

I'm good with either. I don't do pressure, gimmicks, sales pitches, supplements, or crazy fads. I'm genuine, straight forward, and have a passion for transforming lives and if that speaks to you, we just might be a good fit. However, we'll never know if you don't call for the chat :)

Former clients write:

I was just sitting here thinking of you and how big of a difference you made in my life last year. 

You taught me so much about healthy living but the greatest thing you taught me last year was to believe in myself.  Your positive outlook on life was so contagious and I always looked forward to our workouts.  I can never thank you enough for believing in me and being there for my first half marathon.  I have signed up for the half again this year and whenever I start to doubt myself, I still pull from the many lessons you taught me.  I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much of a difference you made, and are still making, in my life.  You are the best!!! 


I was thinking about you yesterday and the big impact you made in my life in the small amount of time we worked together.  I have always worked so hard for tomorrow and not enjoyed today - with your direction and reminders – been enjoying life more and not being so tough on myself. 


Thank you for meeting me today.  It is always so good to see you.  You are so wise and uplifting….and thought provoking.  Thank you for your laser focus into other’s.  You are so good at what you do! 


Try me out. What is your biggest challenge? Where are you stuck? Call me and let's talk about it. There is absolutely no charge or obligation. If I can help you and we're a good fit, the decision is yours to continue working together. Or not. You choose.

Would you use any of these words or phrases to talk about or describe your biggest challenge?


out of balance


lack of direction about ________








lack of time

fear of _______

sticking with it

don't know how to ________






unhappy with ________

These words are my specialty and ones that I help clients sort through and overcome so they live with more ease, more passion, and more joy! 

Have one that's not on the list? Call me and let's see if I can help. 

Watch my athlete, Melanie Silva, as she trained for and competed in this year's Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon. 
Her first triathlon! 

Fox 61 featured Melanie on their Chasing the Finish Line Series. Watch her progress, challenges, successes and set-backs. She will inspire you!

Click here to watch!

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